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  • 03/20/2015
    © Can Stock Photo Inc. / docentAs business people we sometimes envy those marketers who have "sexy" brands to market, brands that appeal to customers on an emotional level. Brands like Harley Davidson and the Parisian Tourism Bureau seem to have it made because their product screams sexy. What about those of us who have decidedly less heart-thumping, albeit needed, products?How...
  • 03/12/2015
    8 Ways to Get Noticed on Social Media Today© Can Stock Photo Inc. / iqonceptThere's a lot of noise on the social media channels and getting noticed can seem a task akin to pushing a large bolder up an icy slope in gale-force winds blowing down off of the mountain. But it's not as hard as you think. Here are several tips to help you get your business noticed today.Post the Easy SharesT...
  • 03/02/2015
    Better Business Blogging Made SimplePhoto Credit: via Pixabay by SettergrenIt’s simple. A business blog should do three things for your business:prove to Google you are a legitimate business website with good content (which will happen when it’s shared).present a more human side of your business, helping your audience connect to you; this should be entertaining, or at the very least, e...
  • 02/23/2015
    10 Easy Ways to Increase Sales© Can Stock Photo Inc. / olivier26One of the most obvious ways to boost revenue in your business is to make more sales. Here are ten ways you can start doing that today:1. Do You Have A Sales Strategy?Most businesses think they have a strategy, but they don’t. Now is a good time to develop one.  You need to consider who your ideal customer is and...
  • 06/17/2014
  • 06/17/2014
  • 06/17/2014
  • 10/16/2013
    Modera Pembroke Pines held a ribbon cutting on Friday, October 10, 2013.  Pictured above are Dionne Van Druff, Janet Bravo, Commissioner Carl Schecter, Alex Barroso, Mayor Frank Ortis, Creston Crum, Commissioner Jay Schwartz, Jeff Meran, and Vice Mayor Angelo Castillo
  • 10/16/2013
    DPI of Pembroke Pinesheld a ribbon cutting on Wednesday, October 9, 2013.  Pictured above are Jose Alvarado, Dr. Jennifer Keedy, Dr.Luz Marina Cuve, Dr. Alejandro Bugnone, COO Claude Hanuschak, Robert Goltz Pres/CEO of MPPRCC, and Office Manager Dawn Lewis. 
  • 10/10/2013
    Study Supports Business Benefit of Chamber InvestmentChambers of Commerce have long been known for having a direct impact on the community and now, there is statistical evidence that supports chamber investment.  Backed by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives, The Shapiro Group recently did a study to unearth data to quantify the impact of belonging to a chamber. The study focused on s...