• Women In Business

  • The Women in Business Committee organizes three business events annually, which feature inspiring women speakers and presenters, providing a professional atmosphere for men and women alike.

    Women's Wellness (January) focuses on a current topic of importance to women's health and well-being.

    Women's Luncheon (May) focuses on an inspirational topic such as work/life balance, living passionately, and career success.

    Modern Woman Business Summit (October) is an interactive experience with speakers and workshop to address every facet of the modern professional woman's experience.

  • These are prime opportunities to network with business owners, entrepreneurs and other professional women from diverse backgrounds with the potential to establish long-lasting business relationships. These events are hosted by the MPPRCC Women in Business Committee. The purpose is to empower women in business by creating a community of female professionals dedicated to helping one another build and enhance their crafts.

  • Upcoming Events

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