• Pinnacle Award Nominations

  • The Miramar-Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber will be selecting outstanding businesses and business leaders from our community to be honored with our prestigious Pinnacle Awards. The recipient must have contributed to the community by conducting a successful and profitable business. In addition, they should have been involved with Chamber and community projects by giving time, energy and resources. If your business meets these guidelines, or you would like to nominate a deserving Chamber member, please complete the form below by April 30th.

    All nominees must meet the following basis criteria along with specific criteria indicated in each section: 

    • Must be a current member of the Miramar-Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber for a minimum of 2 years and be able to validate contributions to both community and Chamber.
    • Must show that business has experienced growth or other measurable indicator of business success.
    • Meet specific criteria per each individual award.
    • The recipient of the award will be honored at the Annual Pinnacle Awards Luncheon in June and is requested to be in attendance.
  • Please select one of the following categories to place your nomination. Nominees should fulfill the category requirements as well as those outlined above.

    • Pinnacle Award
      Success of any company is backed by a true leader and a lot of hard work. The Pinnacle Award recognizes the accomplishments of individuals who are consummate servant leaders. They are engaged not only in the growth and development of their own business, but also find time to give back to the community in a variety of ways. This award highlights the individual's professional achievements, contribution to community and involvement in Chamber.
      • Must be in business a minimum of two years.
      • Must be actively involved in the Chamber and/or community
      • Must meet all minimum criteria per above listing​
    • Corporate Stewardship Award
      Bigger businesses are very strategic in where they choose to plant their corporations. They understand that outreach and support through their local Chamber of Commerce is instrumental to the continued vitality of economic development of the community where they have chosen to locate. The Corporate Stewardship Award acknowledges the business that has met and/or exceeded the standards and expectations of that responsibility.
      • Must have more than 200 employees
      • Must have gross revenues of more than $10 million annually
      • Must be current with occupational licensing qualifications of the city of business residence
      • Must be in business for a minimum of five years
      • Must meet all minimum criteria per above listing
    • Coceano Leadership Award
      The Coceano Leadership Award honors the business person that has contributed their leadership abilities to the overall good of the community inclusive of Miramar and /or Pembroke Pines. Through their involvement the Chamber and the communities it serves has become a healthier and more productive environment for business and to live.  This award was named after Mayor Vickie Coceano, Mayor of Miramar, and leader extraordinaire in the local community and abroad. 
    • Minaya Lifetime Achievement Award
      The Minaya Lifetime Achievement Award honors a person that has committed their span of life to the cause of “giving back” and has exemplified the ideals of citizenship through continuing community service activities, promoting better business community relations and contributing to the social and economic development objectives of southwest Broward, specifically the Miramar and Pembroke Pines communities. This award was named after Ed Minaya, the founder of the Miramar Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce, which opened in 1969. 
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