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Business/Employment Information

Business/Employment Information

Can you give me information about starting a business?
There are 5 important steps to consider when starting a business in Broward County:

  1. Register with the Internal Revenue Service, and obtain an Employer Identification Numer (EIN).
  2. Register with the Florida Department of State to incorporate your business.
  3. Register with the Florida Department of Revenue.
  4. Apply for a Business Tax Receipt from Broward County.
  5. Apply for a Business Tax Receipt from Pembroke Pines or Miramar or other local municipality, depending on where your business is located.

How do I get assistance with a startup business?
There are several options for getting a startup business funded:

  1. Get a SBA microloan from one of these providers, or from a microlender such as LiftFund.
  2. Apply for a business credit card.
  3. Get a personal loan from your financial institution.
  4. Start a crowdfunding campaign on sites such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
  5. Apply for a business grant from state or federal agencies.

Can I get a list of major employers and manufacturers in the area?
Browse our membership directory to find employers and manufacturers by category.

What demographic information do you have available?
Contact the Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce. We have an assortment of economic and demographic information available about the area. For general census data, visit

I would like to register a complaint about a business. How do I do so?
Contact the Better Business Bureau at 305-827-5363 or visit their Online Complaint System.

I am looking for employment in the Miramar Pembroke Pines area. What information is available?
The Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce offers Job Postings to our member organizations. Check regularly for updates. 
You may also search our membership directory for Chamber-member employment agencies.