Testimonials | Miramar Pembroke Pines Chamber of Commerce



I love the way everyone is welcomed you never feel left out or out of place. Everyone talks to each other and communicates their business intentions. It is very nice to come to the Chamber breakfast, and if you work at it, it will help your business grow.
Dr. Clara Macias
Dr. Pretty Smile

I have learned so much through the Young Professionals committee. Each guest speaker has truly influenced and motivated me to implement new ideas for the growth of the business. Thank you for creating such an excellent committee.
Jennifer Ortiz
Medifast Weight Control Center

“Hey Hey Hey – Let the Chamber help your day!”
Juhani Yrjo-Koshner
Led Zed International

Every meeting I attend, I am blessed with a business contact. The staff are always willing to answer questions and assist in most things I ask.
Woodward Brooks
First Stop Veteran's Resource Center South

My experience with the Chamber has been excellent. I have been able to create good business relationships and friends. Plus, it is an honor to belong to the Scholarship committee. Thank you!
Nancy Monroe
Dolphin Park High

Being part of the Chamber has given me the opportunity to meet new people and help me break out of my shell.
Raichel White
Raichel to the Rescue

The warmest, friendliest Chamber I’ve ever been a part of.
Candy Gray
Amtrust Bank

MPPRCC is my favorite chamber. I belong to many chambers and I can say without a doubt that the MPPRCC works!!!
George Mirabal
Heartland Payment Systems

MPPRCC has helped us make some key contacts within both Miramar and Pembroke Pines. We greatly appreciate it!
Jim Moyer
The Salvation Army

Great Relationship building, and wonderful atmosphere.
Daniel J Rodriguez
Baptist Health of South Florida

The Sip of Wine Taste of Heaven event has been a great success as it has helped to promote my business through bringing new customers to my business.
Jaime Bendeck
Silver Isles Cleaners

Every time I come to this Chamber I am nicely greeted. This chamber has welcomed me with open arms. I greatly appreciate the kindness.
Joanie Howard

It has been great to be part of this organization. This is the place where I come every month to learn and make new business contacts.
Jose Alvarado
ADP Printing

Chamber is a great way to connect with the community. So was Leadership (Whooooh 21!) As well as being an Ambassador and calling on businesses, attending openings, and networking at Breakfast. Thank you MPPRCC!!!
Clark Kilgard
former Pastor at Living Faith Church

Since becoming a member of the Chamber, my occupancy has more than doubled. We started in Nov 2010 and were at 35% and today we are currently at 90%!
Felicia Vescera
Tropical Storage

I heard so many good things about the Chamber that I tried to buy it – OK, I couldn’t, so I joined!!!
Frank Bianco
Scruby’s BBQ Pembroke Pines

This is only my 2nd event, and I find that everyone is extremely friendly and helpful, and I can see this as a great way from lasting business relationships with community business people.
Madelyn Shaw
Edward Jones