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Leadership South Broward

Leadership South Broward is a program under the Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Foundation. Designed as a program of exploration and examination, Leadership South Broward examines issues, asks critical questions and strives to provide answers that do not conform to the status quo.

The program is an eight-month course devoted to educating and empowering civic-minded professionals with a goal of building and maintaining a strong network of effective community leaders. Through panel presentations by community leaders and experts, simulations, plus hands-on experiences, participants learn about current issues pertaining to local economy, government, social services, health, business and education that affect the residents and businesses that call South Broward their home. The selection of participants (both acknowledged and aspiring leaders) is based upon demonstrated leadership experience, potential, and abilities. The cost of the program is $499 for Chamber members and $649 for non-members.

Opening Session – A one day retreat serves as an overall introduction to Leadership South Broward and the study of leadership. Activities focus on developing strong working relationships between participants, identifying and evaluating the characteristics of leadership, and distinguishing each participant's leadership style.

Monthly Sessions – Full-day sessions are the third Wednesday of every month, held at various locations throughout South Broward County and consist of panel discussions, lectures, community tours and interactive exercises, which include face-to-face discussions with top-level business, civic and governmental leaders.

Application Deadline: Sept 29, 2017


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