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Volunteering For A Job

It used to be that years-long dedication and loyalty to a company was the surefire way to get ahead in your career. You worked hard, paid your dues, then the success would follow. As the global economy has evolved, so has the workforce’s circumstances. Now we need to find better ways to stand apart from our competition. And with many ways to market yourself both on and offline, the competition is stiff.


Companies are not just looking for the most intelligent or qualified person; they’re looking for the most innovative or most unique. An excellent way to differentiate yourself from the pack is to tout the benefits of being a well-rounded citizen. 


Every year, countless articles and studies are published indicating that volunteering one's time for the benefit of a cause or community provides benefits to the individual as well as the employer. Benefits for the individual make you more desirable to employers. Benefits for employers ensure a more dedicated employee. 


For those looking to get ahead at work, volunteering can:

·         Provide opportunities to learn and hone additional marketable skills such as leadership, event planning, budgeting, teamwork, and public speaking;

·         Increase your networking pool of potential references or employers (and friends!);

·         Add health benefits, such as longer life expectancy and lower risk of heart disease;

·         Lower stress and relieve tension from everyday life, making you a genuinely happier person.


For the employer, hiring someone who volunteers can bring you:

·         A healthier employee, less likely to miss time from work due to illness;

·         A socially-conscious team member, more likely to care about the success of the company;

·         A multifaceted employee, who has developed additional useful skills.


The personal value in contributing your time to the greater good of the community is immeasurable. And at the foundation of it all is the benefit in having neighbors and businesses that are personally invested in the community’s success. In this sense, the individual, the business, and the community all come out winners. 


Finding ways to volunteer is easy! Your local Kiwanis club is a great place to start, but alternatives also include organizations such as His House, Children’s Harbor, and the Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center. Other options include your local Boys & Girls club, Boy/Girl Scouts of America, Habitat for Humanity or United Way. But always dedicate your time to a cause that holds personal meaning to you, whether it’s local veterans groups, homeless assistance, social causes, animal welfare, or youth services. Volunteering can not only make you a happier and healthier person, but can also make you a better employee, employer, or job candidate. 


Anyoli Font is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Miramar-Pembroke Pines and the Kiwanis Club of Hialeah. She runs Owl Help Out, a business concierge service in Miramar, and uses her spare time to volunteer in her community and improve her leadership skills. Learn more about Kiwanis at kiwanis.org or kiwanismiramarpines.com or contact the Chamber’s Chamber for Good Non-Profit Committee.


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