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5 Free Ways to Benefit from Your Chamber Membership

5 Free Ways to Benefit from Your Chamber Membership

The Miramar Pembroke Pines Regional Chamber of Commerce prides itself on offering multiple benefits for our members, from networking and sponsorship opportunities, to advertising and community involvement. What many members may not realize, though, is that they might not be taking advantage of some free and easy ways to utilize a membership with the Chamber.  For an easy and hopefully helpful reference for our amazing members, here is a list of 5 completely free ways you could be benefiting from your Chamber membership:

1.   Online Business Directory – Every member receives a listing in our online Business Directory, but not everyone takes advantage of this benefit to its fullest potential.  Adding more information to your online member profile will make your listing more attractive and informative, ultimately increasing your referrals.  Additional added information includes a short business description (250 characters or less), links to your social media sites, and adding additional “business category listings.”  To add/update your information, log in to the Members Only portal and click the “Update Your Contact Information” link in the right column.

To further increase the visibility of your business in our directory, come up with 3-10 keywords you would like us to add to your account. For example, if you are in the healthcare industry you may want to add keywords such as “primary care” or “doctor” to your account. Simply email the keywords to thechamber at info@miramarpemborkepines.org

2.     Want to see how many referrals and online traffic your listing receives within a given time? Download your Referral Report anytime you want by logging in to the Members Only portal and clicking the “Referral Report (YTD)” link in the right column.


3.     Coupons and Events – In addition to the Business Directory, more free (and easy!) ways to utilize the Chamber’s website are by posting “Hot Deals” and events. Hot Deals are a great way to present special offers to your fellow Chamber members and website visitors while gaining exposure for your company. To post a “Hot Deal”, log in to the Members Only portal and click the “Hot Deal”link!   Adding your events to our online Community Calendar is an effective way to expand the promotions of your event, and it only takes a few minutes to post. Simply log in to the Members Only portal and click the “Submit an Event” link.


4.       Free Educational Events – While nearly all of the Chamber’s events feature discounted rates for members, there is one  monthly event the Chamber hosts for free, our Member Orientation  .The Member Orientation is the best way to learn about opportunities at the Chamber, what to expect at our events, and how to further maximize your membership. These meetings are great opportunities for free networking and serve to better familiarize you with the Chamber in general.  The Membership Orientation is typically on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 8:45 - 9:45 a.m. at the Chamber office.


5.        Contribute to the Blog – Yes, this blog that you are reading right now is authored by a Chamber employee, however, we are looking for the majority of our blog posts being actually written by Chamber members. Contributing to the Chamber blog is a way to promote yourself as a thought-leader in the business community, in turn promoting your company or organization. Writing a blog post allows you to provide insight to a topic in your industry, such as detailing home-based business tax deductions or sharing the marketer’s secret to powerful messaging. To get more information or to submit topic ideas, email Robert Goltz, President/CEO.

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